Ace is a sweet and active pooch that lived with his owners in Sonoma, California. He had stayed with them all his life, but tragedy struck when the California Wildfire damaged their home. Because of the challenges the family faced, they were forced to surrender their pet. He was 19 years old then.

Ace eventually ended up in a local shelter in Sacramento. There were a lot of displaced animals due to the fire, and shelters were getting cramped.

Getting transferred was probably the best thing that happened to the pooch then.

Foster care

An experienced foster mom, Bonnie, known to volunteer a lot at that particular shelter, met Ace shortly after the dog arrived. When the kind lady heard that the senior canine was already 19 years old, she couldn’t let him stay in the shelter.

Bonnie wanted to give the pooch a loving home instead of a cold shelter. So she offered to foster Ace while they were looking for his new forever home. She hoped that under her care, the dog would not be traumatized and lead a happy life while they looked for a family that would offer the same love and treatment that she would.

Foster fail

Although the dog didn’t seem to fit in at her home initially, Ace grew to be comfortable around Bonnie’s other rescue dogs. He then formed a strong bond with Bonnie. Soon, tons of adoption applications for Ace started pouring in.

Bonnie had mixed feelings about it. She was glad that many people were interested in Ace, but it was hard for her to let him go. She decided to adopt the dog herself when Ace underwent multiple tooth extractions and needed her help regularly.

By that time, Ace was family to Bonnie, and she couldn’t let him leave. The senior dog was already where he needed to be.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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