Whenever you get a sense that something might not be right, it’s good to act on it. One bus driver did precisely that and ended-up rescuing a stolen puppy.

Meeting the suspicious man

Mike Thomas, the bus driver, was on his usual duties driving towards downtown Portland when he spotted something unusual on the highway and decided to check on it.

He saw that it was a man and a puppy. The man held the dog by the neck collar and pulled him across the road. That particular spot was hard to cross, and also, the man was on his pajama, which aroused the bus driver’s suspicions.

Investigating further

He stopped the bus to let them in despite that puppies weren’t permitted so that he could be able to investigate further. Within a few minutes, the strange man initiated a dialogue with a lady passenger and offered to sell her the puppy.

Mike suspected the man was not the owner, and thus, he asked him the name of the dog, but he kept giving out wrong names. The man wasn’t aware that  Mike saw the dog’s name tag when he ran to the front of the bus.

Saving the dog

Therefore, the driver’s instinct was correct that the man was not the puppy’s owner. After getting to the downtown, Mike told the man that he would take the puppy back to the rightful owners.

The man quickly got out of the bus as the driver got hold of the puppy’s neck. The bus riders consoled the puppy whose name was Cooper as per the name tag until they handed him to the Transit Police.

Cooper’s parents had gone to the city and left their son with the puppy, who called them later to inform them about the dog’s disappearance. The parents received a voicemail from Transit Police informing them that the puppy was found and was safe at TriMet bus.

Finally, the dog and the family reunited later at midnight. Despite not knowing how he had run away, they appreciated to get him back.

The dog’s owners recognized Mike’s good deeds and sent him the dog’s photo and a message of appreciation for saving Cooper.

Watch how the event unfolded here.

Bus driver rescues stolen dog during his bus route

Bus drivers see a lot of things behind the wheel, but this bus driver knew something wasn't right when he saw a man and a dog standing in the street. 🚍🐕🤔

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