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Friendships can be formed between two very different individuals. And in this story, a friendship happened between a dog and a pig. It is surely an odd friendship, yet one of the sweetest kinds you’ll ever encounter.

This began when the pig’s mother, Amanda, was invited to her friend’s house. She wished to bring Carlton the pig with her and asked her friend for permission if her pig can stay in the backyard. Fortunately, her friend agreed.

Mary, her close friend, owns a dog named Colt. Mary brought Colt outdoors prior to introducing him to Carlton.

The two humans decided to proceed slowly so as not to overwhelm the two animals. Colt’s attitude astonished the two humans upon Amanda and Carlton’s arrival at Mary’s.

Colt could see them through the glass door, and as soon as he saw Carlton, he began leaping up and down. Amanda and Mary did not anticipate Colt to be so enthusiastic about meeting a pig.

Soon after being properly introduced to each other, the two animals became quick friends and spent the entire afternoon together. They played in the backyard and even had a nap together once they were tired. Their relationship was such a pleasant surprise for their parents. They have shown that species have no bearing on friendship.

As long as you really get along and respect one another, friendship can flourish. And we can all see that from this friendship between Colt and Carlton. Although rare, a friendship between a pig and a dog is very possible.

Mary and Amanda are now planning playdates for the two animals. They delight in observing Colt’s reaction whenever he sees his best friend.

Mary and Amanda will not hinder the friendship between them. They are simply delighted that their pets have found each other and enjoy one another’s presence. Colt and Carlton now really have something to look forward to each week.

Source: The Dodo


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