It has been said many times that dogs are man’s best friend. Indeed, they are the ideal companion, friend, family member, and guide for humans, all rolled into one. But did you actually know that they can also serve as guide dogs for other dogs?

This is true for Tao, a Golden Retriever who is ten years old and does not live a regular and easy life. After being diagnosed with glaucoma, he lost his sight entirely.

Melanie, his owner, took him to the veterinarian when he noticed the dog’s eyes were having difficulties. The disease was identified, and, his eyes had to be removed immediately to alleviate and eliminate the pain.

After surgery, it was evident that Tao was having a difficult time. Because he was now completely blind, his mobility and daily activities are severely restricted. But when Oko, another Golden Retriever, arrived, Tao’s situation improved.

Oko became Tao’s guide dog, serving his specialized needs, which included navigating the surrounding environment. Although Oko was only 11 months old when they first met, the pair became excellent companions in a few months. Their remarkable relationship has garnered a great deal of attention from netizens, and they also have started gaining Instagram followers.

In their Instagram photographs and videos, the duo’s charisma and appeal are off the hook. Oko walked Tao while holding his leash and guiding him independently. Despite the fact that Oko was still in training to become a guide dog, he made Tao’s life easier and more comfortable and served as his mobility aid the entire time.

Melanie hopes that with their growing social media following, pet owners should not take glaucoma or any other health issue for granted and will have their pets monitored as soon as possible for prevention. Melanie also anticipates further adventures and inspiring photographs of Oko and Tao together.

Source: Jackson Tao


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