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Charlie is 11 years old, and he lost his eyesight because of glaucoma. After his operation, he had a hard time adjusting to his new normal.

Charlie’s owners said that they observed just how difficult it was for their senior dog to adjust. That is why they decided to help him. They found Charlie a service dog who was named Maverick. Maverick would be the one to help Charlie daily.

Charlie was, at first, not keen on being close to Maverick. But Maverick wouldn’t have any of that because he sensed that Charlie needed his help.

When the two dogs played, Maverick would see that Charlie would not find his toys. When Maverick sees this, he would quickly go after Charlie’s toys and put them near Charlie so he can easily find them.

Charlie’s owners also said that Maverick also acted as Charlie’s guide dog. This is why they started to call him a “seeing eye pup.”

Charlie has a personality that is different from Maverick’s. These dogs are very unique in their own way, and despite that, their owners believe that they are the best dogs ever. They may be crazy and special in their own ways, and yet they also bring a lot of joy and happiness to their home.

Now that Charlie has Maverick helping him out and being there for him most of them, it seems like Charlie has gotten a way to enjoy life. With Maverick’s help, Charlie has also learned a few tricks to the delight of his owners.

Maverick is always there for Charlie and helps him find his way around their home. Charlie, on the other hand, has also been teaching Maverick how to behave properly in their home and wherever they go. Their owners couldn’t be any prouder than they already are.

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