Maisy is a St. Bernard who was unofficially diagnosed with cancer. Her owner, Jane Dickinson was worried sick about what might happen on the day of Maisy’s surgery.

The St. Bernard was having difficulty in digesting because there is something that’s inside her spleen. Her veterinarian thought that it might be cancer, so she was scheduled for a surgery to remove what’s inside her spleen.

Going through such major operation is crucial so everyone was worried about whether Maisy will make it or not. During the operation, it was finally discovered what’s inside Maisy and it shocked everyone — Maisy doesn’t have a tumor.

It was confirmed by the vet that the St. Bernard is not dying due to cancer. What’s disrupting her digestion are teddy bears.

Apparently, the St. Bernard swallowed four teddy bears which all belong to his best friend. Her best friend, the owner of the toys, is a chihuahua which is also owned by Dickinson.

This was particularly shocking to Dickinson because she shared that Maisy is not known to play with toys, and she was never really seen chewing on things. She said that Maisy just steals her best friends toys and leave them outside of the house.

The doctor, Dr. Nick Blackburn, who was performing the operation was surprised too. He says that the stuffed toys were not what they expected to find. Dogs are known for chewing and nibbling on things but swallowing four whole teddy bears is quite a record for Maisy.

Maisy was able to make a full recovery from her operation and everyone was thankful that what she had was not cancer. However, the question is what’s stopping her from swallowing her best bud’s toys again.

Unfortunately for Maisy, the toy box was put out of her reach permanently.

Credits to CBS News on YouTube




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