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A woman was having a walk in the park when she saw a dog that didn’t have an owner with it. After asking around, she learned that the dog did have an owner, and they live close to the park. The bad thing was that the dog was kicked out of the house by his family. That was why the dog was alone in the park, and it had found a safe place in the park.

There were a lot of people who saw the dog alone, but they didn’t bother to help him. It was only the woman who was quite concerned about the dog, so she called a rescuer near their place.

The rescuer brought his team, and they rushed to the park, and when he got there, he learned that the dog was kicked out because he was starting to get bald and had bruises. The owners thought that whatever condition the dog had was contagious.

When the rescue team went close to the dog, it didn’t run away. It was even quite calm. They also gave the dog food and water and named him Pif. Then, they took him to the vet for a checkup.

The vet said that the dog was suffering from a number of skin diseases as well as an eye infection. It meant long-term treatment, so he had to stay there for a month, at least.

The following day, Pif got visited by one of his rescuers. She told Pif that she would work hard to find Pif a home where he would be loved and not kicked out.

Pif is a really lucky dog that despite what he had gone through, he met a woman who would be his angel. Now, Pif is on his way to a new life, and he is getting the help that he definitely needed.

Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel


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