Countless dogs are abandoned by their owners. In most cases, the dogs that are abandoned are the ones that need love the most. It’s usually the sick ones that find themselves dumped in animal shelters or are left to fend for themselves.

In Harlem, New York, Animal control officers rescued an abandoned puppy tied to a pole. The puppy was later named Tater Tot and was immediately taken to the animal shelter and examined by the vet. The vets found that he was suffering from rectal prolapse, which is a serious condition that required expensive surgery to correct.

Without treatment, Tater Tot would certainly die. Thankfully, an animal rescuer named Elli Frank who was the co-executive director of a New York-based animal rescue organization called Mr. Bones and Co. pulled Tater Tot from the animal shelter and immediately took him to the vet.

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Tater Tot had already gone into septic shock, which would’ve likely led to his death had Elli acted too late. Although Tater Tot’s life was saved, he had a long way to go before he was ready for a forever home.

Tater Tot needed multiple surgeries to correct his condition. The vets gave him a 50 percent chance of surviving every time he had surgery. However, Tater Tot proved to be a fighter and survived every surgery he had.

After all that he’s been through, Tater Tot recovered and was finally ready to find a new forever home. Tater Tot’s rescuers first thought that they were going to have difficulties getting him adopted. Aside from being a Pit Bull, he also had bad health history. However, a dog lover named Chris Ficarra followed Tater Tot’s story on social media and immediately adopted him as soon as he became available for adoption.

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Tater Tot is now getting a copious amount of love from his new dad. He even has a personal dog walker who takes him on adventures when his dad is busy with work. Tater Tot has more than one dog bed so he could sleep comfortably anywhere he likes. He also has plenty of toys to keep him busy.

Tater Tot is now living a life of luxury thanks to all the people who believed in him and gave him a second chance. Here’s a video featuring Tater Tot’s heartwarming story.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube


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