Dogs and delivery staff don’t always see eye to eye, but when they get along, it’s so adorable that it seems unreal. In cartoons and in the movies, dogs would always chase down delivery staff but, in real life, it is more likely that pups would gravitate towards these nice people.

In return, we’re pretty sure that delivery personnel welcome the smiling faces and wagging tails that greet them during their deliveries as it’s a good way for them to break the ice. Imagine going through your daily route, doing the same things over and over again, they could use a furry friend to release some stress.

For this friendly pit bull named, Lucy, she has had a special affinity for their local UPS driver, Paul for five years. Every time Paul would drop by their home, she would run towards the truck and greet him with a warm and friendly smile on her face.

Lucy’s mom, Stephanie Heer, often ordered items to be delivered by UPS so that her pup, Lucy, would always get to see Paul. The kind UPS staff is a dog person, so he made sure that he had doggie treats for Lucy every time they see each other.

One day, during Halloween, Heer decided to give Paul a nice surprise. She bought a UPS costume for dogs and put it on Lucy. When the pup went up to the truck, Paul was ecstatic! He couldn’t believe that such a costume exists and how cute it looked on Lucy.

It turned out, Heer was already planning this a year ago, but the costume was sold out. This time around, she made sure that she had the costume for Lucy. It makes us wonder how many people had the same idea? It goes to show that dogs and UPS delivery staff have become the best of friends over the years.

Credits: Inside Edition


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