We really don’t have any idea when we’ll fall in love. If it ever happens, we’ll definitely know, and we can’t help but want that feeling to last forever. For one woman, it all happened with an adorable rescue French Bulldog that completely took over her life.

When Lindsay Van Bramer first saw a French Bulldog named Bethanee, Lindsay was drawn by Bethanee’s adorable face. Lindsay immediately fell in love with Bethanee, and Lindsay called dibs to adopt little Bethanee. Lindsay wasn’t planning on adopting a dog, but when she heard about Bethanee and saw her for the first time, Lindsay immediately applied to adopt Bethanee.

Bethanee didn’t have a great start in life. Bethanee was picked up by the pound on the side of the road. When Bethanee was taken to the veterinarian, she didn’t have a microchip, and she wasn’t spayed. No one was claiming little Bethanee.

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When the shelter spayed Bethanee, Bethanee flatlined on the table. Thankfully, the vets were able to revive her. That’s when they also noticed that Bethanee had a significant mass on one of her back paws. When the veterinarian investigated a little further, they determined that the mass was a tumor, and the affected foot needed to be amputated.

When Lindsay reached out to express her interest in adopting Bethanee, she was told that they’d put her on the list, but they weren’t sure that Bethanee would survive the surgery. Fortunately, Bethanee survived the surgery. After a month of recovering, Lindsay got the call that she would be the new mom for Bethanee.

Lindsay couldn’t be happier, and she spoils little Bethanee so much that she lets her get away with almost everything. Whenever Bethanee does something naughty, Bethanee always gives Lindsay those puppy dog eyes, and Bethanee’s off the hook. Lindsay is like one of those people with babies who take photos of their babies and post it on social media. She’s really proud of her furbaby.

Now, Lindsay couldn’t imagine what her life would be like without Bethanee. Lindsay mentions that the biggest impact that Bethanee had on her life was companionship and unconditional love and friendship. Bethanee never fails to make her mom smile and laugh. Here’s an adorable and heartwarming video showing Bethanee’s new life with her new mom, Lindsay.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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