Dogs love showing-off to their beloved fur parents. No matter how simple a task is, our canine pals don’t mind as long as they make their hoomans happy.

Thus, one adorable Newfoundland happily tows a wagon during a Christmas event in their hometown. Though the pup’s beloved fur sisters sit inside the trolley, the Newfie doesn’t mind as long as it keeps everyone in the event happy.

Wow! You look so gorgeous, Oakley!

In this festive footage, a spot-furred Newfoundland named Oakley walks alongside his fur dad in their hometown. At first glance, you’ll merely think that Oakley’s having a fun afternoon stroll with Dad.

Yet, before anyone can make assumptions about their activity, one can see that Oakley’s clad in a unique Christmas costume. Wearing a reindeer headband, red goggles, and adorable booties, the Newfie walks across the gravel road while tugging a wagon along.

It turns out, Oakley participates in a yearly Christmas event in their area. It seems the doggo plays the role of a Christmas reindeer as he energetically tows the mini-carrier along.

Ooh, so you’re really into your role, huh, Oakley?

The Newfoundland’s eye-catching attire ultimately caught the bystanders’ attention as one of them bids Oakley to stop. Ever the obedient canine, Oakley obliges and allows the person to look at the set-up. Though two girls sit inside the wagon, Oakley doesn’t complain and happily indulges in the activity.

After a few seconds, Dad then signals Oakley to continue with their trek. As soon as Oakley catches sight of Dad’s hand gesture, the Newfoundland happily accedes, once again attracting the attention of the people and canines attending the merry event.

Do you want to see incredible Oakley in live-action? Click the footage link below to start viewing the adorable doggo.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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