Thor and Petunia are two homeless dogs who could have lost their lives when they got involved in separate car accidents. But instead, their horrible experience turned into the start of a beautiful relationship and a new life.

Out of the two, Thor was the one who got it worse. When the black shepherd got hit, he broke two of his legs. The dog was taken to a shelter, but they couldn’t spare any resources to treat his extensive injuries. Usually, the recourse was euthanasia.

The shelter staff didn’t want to do that as the dog still had a lot of life in him. So they called their friends at Animal Benefit Club (ABC), a nonprofit animal charity organization based in Arizona. They agreed to take him in.

A new friend

Once he was under ABC’s care, Thor immediately received the surgery he needed. But that was only the beginning. He would receive several surgeries later on, thanks to the donations that the group collected.

While his physical injuries were well on their way to getting fixed, Thor’s emotional trauma still needed a lot of help. The sad dog always kept to himself and was scared of the humans around him. This all changed when Petunia arrived.

Petunia was also hit by a car and brought to the ABC  to get treatment. The white dog is very friendly and almost immediately drifted towards Thor. With her personality, it didn’t take long for them to become friends.

Emotional support

Thor always tried to stay by Petunia’s side. Maybe because they shared a traumatizing experience, the two got very close. Their friendship helped the black dog lift his spirits. The two rescue pups are still undergoing treatment and surgery and are expected to recover fully.

Hopefully, when they are both ready, they will be adopted together.

Source: 12 News via Facebook


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