This poor little dear had been hit by a speeding vehicle and ended up with the lower half of his body unusable, rendering him practically defenseless and unable to consume water or food without human intervention. When the team of rescuers sent by the Animal Aid Unlimited arrived, they tried their best to be careful, but they couldn’t pick the poor thing up without making him whimper in agony. After being examined at the shelter, they were able to confirm that he had a broken pelvis and that a complete recovery would be weeks away at the earliest.

Naturally, they were not about to let such a small detail get in the way of their work, and they proceeded to assist in the recovery of their new charge, who also refused to be discouraged. They gave the dog some medicine to make the pain of his injury bearable and hand-fed him every day to help him get his strength back for the upcoming therapy sessions. Thankfully, the people working at the shelter had an abundant supply of love and patience, and within a few days, the dog was already feeling considerably better.

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He still wasn’t able to walk without help, however, and his therapy sessions continued for several more weeks, during which he had been patient and worked hard to make the last session come as close as possible. His new carers were delighted with every small progress he made, and he grew more energetic, more affectionate, and more determined to make a complete recovery with each passing day. Finally, after weeks and weeks of therapy, decent food and a warm place to rest whenever he needed, his pelvis injury was no more.

Best of all, he will never again know the pain and struggle of what he had gone through. They decided to name him Oreo.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube


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