It’s incredible for dogs to learn a vast number of skills. No matter what tricks their fur parents teach them, our doggy friends learn and perfect each of them and execute them flawlessly.

Thus, one sporty doggo energetically jumps through a series of obstacles to show its fur parent how agile he is. The canine even wants to add more flair to its mini-talent show as it wears a rain jacket during the stint.

Look at me go over them, Dad!

In this incredible footage, a mix-furred doggo named Rush, wearing a blue rain jacket, stands behind a series of obstacles set on their garage floor. With the way things look, Rush’s planning to show his fur parent his unique ability.

The athletic pup then saunters towards the first wooden beam and mounts on it like a pro. After which, Rush jumps on the waiting skateboard and energetically skids towards the next part of the obstacle course – the limbo rock. Even as Rush wears a blue rain jacket, the puppy passes under the beam without moving it.

I’m super talented, right, Dad?

Successfully hurdling the second part of the challenge, Rush then eagerly hops onto another skateboard. The raring doggo then happily skates towards its fur parent waiting at the finish line.

But, Rush wants to have another go at the obstacle course as he once again performs the activity. And, just like his first round, the agile pup finishes his second go with flying colors as well.

For the next few seconds, the doggo happily undertakes a third and fourth round with the obstacle course, with each round ending flawlessly. But, how do you think Rush fared when Dad increases the complexity of the task? Check out the linked video below and see for yourself the doggo’s stint in live-action.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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