People do crazy and senseless things when they’re emotional. Things like breakups can trigger such emotions and can potentially make a person do illogical things. One particular bitter ex-boyfriend did such a thing and you wouldn’t believe how crazy it was.

During a road trip, a man was traveling with his girlfriend’s dog. However, somewhere along the way, the man’s girlfriend broke up with him. Angry and frustrated, the man was vengeful and resentful that he did the unthinkable. He decided to abandon his girlfriend’s dog in the middle of nowhere.

The bitter ex also refused to pick up his girlfriend’s calls which were terribly frustrating for her as the dog’s owner. Thankfully, the Pit Bull, whose name is Zimba, was picked up as a stray in Maryland. Zimba was found wandering alone and the rescuers from the Caroline County Humane Society thought that he was a stray.

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When Zimba was scanned for a microchip, they learned that he belonged to a woman from Wichita, Kansas. The rescuers got in touch with Zimba’s mom and were able to learn the story of how he was dumped by a vindictive ex-boyfriend. Zimba’s mom was thankful that Zimba was safe.

However, there was no way that she would be able to drive from Kansas to Maryland since she had work commitments, needed to look after her children, and can’t afford the long road trip to pick up her beloved dog. Zimba’s mom had been searching for Zimba since he disappeared and was thankful that he was rescued.

Thankfully, an animal rescue volunteer named Zack Hold learned about the story and figured that he should do just what any real man would do in that particular situation. Zack volunteered to drive the 1,600-mile from Maryland to Kansas to reunite Zimba with his mom.

So, Zack loaded Zimba into his car and headed off to Kansas. Zimba’s mom is so thankful that such a kindhearted man would do an amazing thing for a complete stranger. Zimba and his mom have eventually reunited thanks to Zack. Here’s a heartwarming video about how a stranger reunited a lost dog with his family by going on a 1,600-mile journey.

Video Source Did You Know Animals ? via YouTube


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