Two pups, Little Buddy and Aster Rose, were both victims of irresponsible breeding and so they were born deaf and blind, respectively. But despite looking like twins, they weren’t actually littermates and haven’t actually met until fate brought them together with the help of an adopter by the name of Krysten Harper.

Krysten, a 30-year-old from Alabama, US, first met Little Buddy, a miniature Australian shepherd, at a rescue shelter years ago and fell in love at first sight with him. At the time, Little Buddy had been stuck at the kennel for two years and had already developed arthritis in his back legs. Krysten took him home and gave him a forever family.

While everything was new to Little Buddy, the same was for Krysten as she learned to navigate life with a disabled dog. During Little Buddy’s first few nights, he would wake up in the middle of the night crying and he only slept in corners or under chairs. He was just a little ball of anxiety who was also afraid of shadows and the sun setting down.

But despite all of that, Little Buddy was the sweetest dog Krysten had ever met and she believed that they were soulmates. And just recently, Krysten brought home a playmate for Little Buddy, a three-month-old blind pup named Aster Rose.

Aster was a very confident little girl who loved meeting new dogs and people. And though she was blind, she can always find the sunniest part of the yard to play in and enjoy. Now, together with Little Buddy, it’s safe to say that the duo is having the best time of their lives together.

As for Krysten, she hopes to raise awareness that disabled dogs deserve to live full lives and that they can still live amazing lives.

Source: Mirror


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