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Having a dog is not as easy as we think. Aside from providing the basics, like food, shelter, and giving them lots of love and kisses; we as a pet owner needs to make sure our dog is safe and sound.

In some places like in the province of Cambodia, they let their pets roam around freely which makes them vulnerable and falls as prey to other animals, or reptiles in the area.

How extreme can you go to save your furry friend from other predators? Would you consider wrestling a huge python to save your pet? Even I don’t have the answer to the second one. I do love my pets and would do everything to keep them safe, but I’m scared of snakes, so I don’t know yet.

For our three heroes, fighting a snake wasn’t an issue at all. A video went viral wherein three kids are celebrated as a hero in the social media community for showing bravery and saving their dog from a huge python.

In the video, you can see the python coiled his body around the dog, who is struggling to free himself from the snake’s grip.

The three brave kids used what looks like a metal rod, and some dried leaves to distract the snake. One of the boys grabbed the head of the snake, and the other two boys moved in quickly to remove the dog from the python’s grip.

It was obvious in the video that the kids were struggling to free the dog, but a few minutes later, they succeeded, and the dog was free from the python’s grip. While watching the video, I cannot help but cheer on the guys and silently thank them for their efforts.

Watch the action-packed video below:

Video source: Yaboi Dean via YouTube


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