Canines indeed are masters of escape. No matter what hurdle you put in their path, dogs find the slightest gap and turn it into their newest escape hatch.

With this, a pair of witty canines hilariously slip through a narrow gap in their gate while their fur brother’s busy fixing it. And, it looks like not a tiny gap can prevent the dogs from doing what they love to do.

Ooh, there’s a gap on the gate!

In this lively footage taken from a CCTV, a teenage boy fixes their gate as an object’s stuck on it. Not far away from the lad, one can see two canines, Chibi and Chai, eagerly watching their fur brother’s every move.

But, as fur brother knows that the dogs will find an escape opportunity, he brings with him another fence. At first, it seems such a tactic works as Chibi and Chai silently watch their fur brother’s task.

Yet, as the teenager needs to have a closer look at the stuck object, he lifts the fence, startling the doggy pair. But, as the lad’s busy repairing the gate, he fails to notice that Chai finds a gap in their gate.

Yay! Freedom at last!

Ever the witty canine, Chai dashes towards the gap in the gate and squeezes herself in it. Chibi follows suit, eager to find out whether their escape plan will work.

Soon enough, Chai successfully passes through the narrow gap. Seeing how successful her sister is, Chibi then follows what her sister performed earlier to join her outside.

After a few seconds, the mischievous canines find themselves free to wander outside as their plan goes unnoticed. But, when the teenager finally finds Chibi and Chai on the other side of the gate, he quickly tries opening the gate.

Do you think the teenage boy manages to catch Chibi and Chai before they sprint away from their home? Better don’t miss out on this thrilling chase by clicking the footage below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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