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It is always fun to play fetch with your dog, and the experience can make you feel like a child again. And that is just what happened in this story.

This dog named Stitch waited patiently for his fur dad to throw the ball, and his ability to immediately retrieve the toy is quite admirable. In addition, his fur’s hues are absolutely not the usual colors, which makes it much more extraordinary to observe this dog in action.

Observing him run and play in that idyllic spot, surrounded by nature in all its splendor, is a balm for our hectic lives. Stitch kind of reminded us to take a break and relax and just have fun. It really does not hurt to have some fun and do something that makes us happy, so we’re following this dog’s example.

Dad exhibited such a nice personality in this video. We could only wish that all dog owners were as fun-loving as he was with his cherished Corgi.

We believe this dog understands the significance of work in life, despite claims to the contrary. Stitch recognized that we should both work and play with great intensity.

When the fur dad threw the ball, the dog’s face lit up, and Stitch took off running. His little frame continued to look smaller as he ran off, but he eventually returned with the ball in his mouth.

He approached the person taking the video as if to show off his abilities, and his smile was epic!

This dog exemplifies why everyone like Corgis. Their personalities are so incredibly endearing, as they are playful and energetic doggos.

We hope Stitch’s father enjoyed playing with his dog as much as we did while observing them.

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Source: Eric Ho


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