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Bali is a stunning place in Indonesia. With its warm climate, extensive white sand beaches, crystal clear oceans, and friendly people, it’s really no surprise that this place is one of the really popular tourist destinations in the world.

However, there is a not-so-beautiful part of Bali and the rest of Indonesia. Like the majority of underdeveloped nations, it has no facility for stray dogs. That is why it is really not uncommon to encounter stray dogs.

Even though the majority of stray dogs in Bali are relatively healthy because people keep feeding them, not all stray dogs in Bali, particularly puppies, survive. Many puppies born as strays in Bali do not survive since they need caretakers.

A puppy named Benji can be included among the more fortunate ones.

Benji was only a few weeks old when a couple on vacation in Bali discovered him as a stray. The pair was on their way to a family meal when they encountered Benji wandering the streets. Benji didn’t look well and he definitely needed aid. Therefore, the couple decided to give Benji something to eat.

Benji was covered in scabs and his fur was falling out. He was not in good health at all.

The pair decided to observe Benji first to see if he had a mother. The next day, when the couple checked on Benji, he was still alone, and they realized he was an orphan. The couple felt pity for the puppy, and they knew that they had to do something to help it.

The couple gave Benji the attention he needed to survive. Benji felt perfectly at home in the couple’s Bali abode.

The couple had less than a week left before returning to the United Kingdom. They thought about what to do with Benji until they decided that they both wanted to bring him with them to the UK.

Benji’s journey to the United Kingdom was a hard one. He needed to complete the necessary paperwork, which was projected to take between four and five months.

While waiting for Benji, the couple received updates from the rescue home where Benji was temporarily housed as he awaited transport to his forever home in the United Kingdom. He was taken care of and soon, Benji thrived and was in good health.

Benji was eventually permitted to fly to the United Kingdom, where he was reunited with the people who rescued him. Benji now lives in the United Kingdom at his forever home with his adoring family.

Benji is no longer a scraggly, emaciated dog. He was given a second chance to experience what it is like to be part of a family, thanks to the couple who found him.

Source: The Dodo


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