Kyle and Alicia Castillo have known each other since they were in high school. A couple of years ago, the two of them have officially tied the knot. Since then, their family and friends have been asking when the babies are coming.

However, Kyle and Alicia plan to enjoy traveling first before having kids. They were contented to have a tight-knit family with their nine-year-old Lab named Hank. The constant pressure fed them up. So they decided to do something to get their nosy family and friends off of their backs.


After seeing many elaborate “gender reveals” on the internet, Alicia decided to make her own version. However, it’s not for the couple’s baby. It’s for their brand new puppy. Kyle and Alicia created special signs. Then, they put blue balloons inside a decorated box.

Alicia said that they were so pleased about the entire photoshoot. They were laughing as they thought how everyone would freak out once they post the pictures on social media. Alicia’s dad, who took the photos, couldn’t believe how far the couple would go just to troll their family and friends.

The couple strategically shared the pictures online, omitting the puppy from the first few photos. The people, who clearly had not seen the entire post, were quick to congratulate Kyle and Alicia on their pregnancy. Then, when they realized what the “little miracle” was, they couldn’t help but laugh.


After the big reveal, the couple’s family and friends stopped asking them about future kids. Now, they’re able to focus on Cooper, their new fur baby. Alicia said that Cooper is such a goofy dog. His presence brings out the youth out of the very relaxed, old Hank.

Although Hank acts as if Cooper annoys him, he still plays with his new baby brother all the time. Whenever they’re not playing, Alicia said that you’d find them cuddling. They are always near each other. Kyle and Alicia couldn’t be happier about their decision to expand their little family.

Credit: Adventures of Hank And Coop


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