A woman walking near Lake Michigan was stunned when she saw a dog working really hard to keep himself afloat. The drowning pooch was probably walking on the thin ice of the frozen lake and fell in. The concerned lady immediately called the police for assistance.

In a later interview, the witness said that she was tempted to save the dog herself. But if she did, there was a good chance that she would have been trapped herself.

Fortunately, it didn’t have to come to that. Rescuers arrived shortly and got the dog out of his predicament. He was then rushed to an animal clinic, where the white pooch received treatment for hypothermia.


The dog, named Michigan later on, was taken to the Wisconsin Humane Society when he was released from the clinic. His story was shared online, and it even got exposure through the mainstream media. The shelter staff hoped that someone would see the dog so that his owner, if he had one, would come and claim him. A week passed, and the dog was still in the shelter.

During this time, applications for Michigan’s adoption started pouring in. One of them is a lady from Racine County named Brenda Thompson. According to the Wisconsin woman, she instantly felt a connection when she saw the dog on the news. She then went to the shelter to meet him.

Regular visitor

Ever since they first met, Brenda regularly went to the Humane Society to see Michigan. She would bring him treats and spend hours playing with the rescue dog. The shelter saw the lady’s dedication, and they eventually decided that she is the best choice to be the dog’s new mom.

Brenda, who also rescued a black labrador before, was elated when told that she was chosen. She said she already has a new bed, bowls, and toys for Michigan. Her persistence paid off, and now she has a new best friend.

Source: TMJ4 News via Youtube


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