Some of you may have met someone who is extra fixated over one thing; you may even have your own comfort object too. Well, this kind of behavior is not completely unusual after all. In tough times, dogs also tend to cling on to the only thing that was left for them. 

One very good example is the story of an abandoned dog in Dallas. The co-founder of Dallas DogRRR, Marina Traveshska came across her while taking a walk in the community. The very sad thing about the abandonment is, it was New Year’s Day then. 

The pooch’s owner deserted her because they moved to another place a day before. All they ever left for her was her dear blanket to hold on to. Lying and nestling on it while the rain is pouring, the dog struggled in the coldness of the wet streets. 

When Marina learned about the story of the poor dog from the neighborhood, she took the initiative to help. But it wasn’t just an ordinary rescue, because each time that she comes nearby, the dog would run away. Eventually, the dog would come back again to her blanket when she sees her moving back. 

Photo credit: The Dodo

It took an hour to finally got a hold of the vulnerable pooch and put her inside a kennel. She patiently and slowly pulled the blanket into her yard so that the dog would go along with it. When she closely examined her, there were fresh wounds in her ears and neck from an embedded collar that needs immediate treatment. 

Photo credit: The Dodo

Currently, the dog is in foster care and was given the name Camilla. Camilla was recovering fast from the injuries that were surgically treated and the emotional traumas.  Sooner when she’s ready, instead of her blanket, she will get all the care and comfort she needs from a loving owner who will adopt her. 

Thanks to The Dodo for sharing with us this story.


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