The origin of the piñata tradition has been a subject to many deliberations by historians. Whether this long-time tradition really came from Spain or China, the important thing is how this traditional breaking of a paper mâché makes any occasion an enjoyable one.  

In a birthday party, an unexpected twist happened during the customary breaking of the piñata. 

This event was recorded in a video that lasts for almost two minutes. A human-sized piñata who looks like Super Mario from a famous game from Nintendo was hanged in the middle of the small team of people.  While a boy, maybe the celebrant, was doing all his might in beating the Piñata with a cane, a big yellow pup appeared in the frame from out of nowhere.  

At first, the pup just seemed to get bywalking back and forth past the struggling boy.  While demonstrating the proper stance to maximize his effort in working with the cane, it appeared as if the harder the boy makes a blow, the tougher the piñata becomes.  The minute the boy apparently lost his patience and his energy in trying so hard, the dog came to the rescue. 

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He effortlessly reached out for Mario’s one leg, grab it with his powerful jaw and swirl it all around. At last, all the candies and goodies inside exploded for everyone’s delight. The hilarious laughter from the crowd was very audible in the footage.  

The treats were happily collected; even the boy did get his share of candies as well. He, too, appeared to be amused by what just happened. 

On the other hand, in spite of the tattered condition of the piñata, the dog got carried away with the momentum and continuously beat up the mâché to the ground until the end of the video. 

Perrito en pinata

Cuando tu perrito decide que los invitados ya no esperen más por los dulces de la piñata 😅

Posted by Chuchito GT on Sunday, September 23, 2018

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Thanks to The Dodo for sharing with us this story.


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