There’s nothing like going on an adventure to the great outdoors, and what better partner to go out with than man’s best friend, a dog.

An adventurer named Donny Marchuk lives in Calgary, Canada, with his beloved Golden Retriever, Sully. They do everything together, whether hiking, snowshoeing, or taking a walk in the park. Their bond was so intimate they do a lot of adventures for 14 years.

However, Sully’s age did take a toll on him when he started to experience some pain in his body. Donny then discovered that his pet dog had laryngeal paralysis. It is a condition that affects a dog’s breathing and causes fatigue.

Sully couldn’t walk or run, making it difficult for him to do outdoor activities with Donny. But Donny saw how adventures bring joy to Sully, which motivated him to help his best bud. He had this very brilliant idea to create a chariot adaptable to any surface for his canine to ride and enjoy the great outdoors again.

Donny built the chariot out of a three-wheeled stroller and a wagon that his friend provided. It also has snowshoe and ski attachments for the winter and a few blankets to keep Sully warm and cozy.

When Donny put his Golden Retriever on the chariot and took it out for a spin, he was glad it turned out well. Now, Sully can go on more adventures with his favorite person.

Being in the outdoors again puts a big smile on Sully’s face, and so do the people who pass by him. According to Donny, it warms his heart that Sully made people happy.

In July 2021, Sully sadly passed away. Donny paid tribute to his furry friend on Instagram, indicating how his pet dog became a great part of his life.

Sully was the best companion Donny could ever have. It is undeniable that their friendship is inseparable.

Source: Instagram


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