Dogs, like humans, can have goals. They’ll all probably try to be more like their pet parents by doing human things. But is it possible for dogs to desire to take a job? A dog in Moscow appears to agree.

After seeing an outdoor live forecast in Russia, a Golden Retriever sought to achieve his dreams. He knew he needed a microphone if he wanted to become a television reporter. As a result, he snatched the mic and fled during a live report.

Nadezhda Serezhkina, a Russian reporter, was supposed to be doing a weather report. As seen in the TV broadcast, she tells viewers that the weather in Moscow will be warming up shortly.

A Golden Retriever gets by the camera before she finishes her spiel. The dog rushes up and grabs the reporter’s microphone—in his defense, the colorful microphone resembles a dog toy.

Dashkueva is taken aback at first, but she manages to keep a straight face and continue. Before changing the subject, she states that the link has been cut. After around 30 seconds, Serezhkina can resume her forecast. She’s accompanied this time by a special four-legged reporter.

As the camera turns to Serezhkina, she is kneeling by the microphone-stealing Golden Retriever. She finishes her report quickly as the dog rests comfortably next to her. She predicts that the weather will be better in April than in March, but there will be more storms.

Serezhkina said no one was injured in the incident, even after her microphone was bitten by the dog a few times.

The Golden Retriever’s efforts were rewarded. Because of his fast thinking, he was allowed to go on live TV to send a weather forecast with a reporter. Anyone who believes dogs can’t accomplish anything should reconsider after seeing this stunt. After all, dreams don’t happen overnight; we have to pursue them, just like this clever dog.

Watch the adorable video below.

credits: WION via YouTube


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