Animal relationships always prove to be one of the most sincere friendships out there. When Calvin the baby cow was first welcomed into the sanctuary, Lincoln the dog immediately made it his duty to comfort the lonely newbie.

Cow guard dog

Ever since the cow was rescued, he always seemed uneasy and nervous. Megan and Mike, the parents of the animals, had no clue as to what should be done. Lincoln was there to save the day.

Lincoln always shows his affection for Calvin. He would stay by Calvin’s side and look out for the baby cow, not letting anyone near Calvin. The dog did his best to comfort and protect the cow at all times.

Calvin’s early stages

Calvin was born at a dairy farm where new-born cows are immediately taken away from their mothers, preventing the babies to get cleaned. Luckily, the couple was able to intervene and managed to rescue Calvin.

After a three hour trip, Calvin was welcomed to Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary where he ran around in excitement. Calvin met Lincoln and his first day there, and the two clicked.

Lincoln was probably aware of Calvin’s distress and has been his best buddy ever since. Since Lincoln has maternal instincts, such as caring for all the newly brought baby animals, he knew how to be there for Calvin.

Lincoln helped the cow trust humans and made him feel comfortable. Since Calvin has never met another cow, he was able to adapt Lincoln’s dog-like features and was starting to act accordingly.

Calvin Meets Zoey

When Megan and Mike brought home another cow, Calvin looked a little confused at first. Neither of the cows has ever really seen another one of their kind before, so the initial reaction was a full-on staring contest.

After a while, Zoey began jumping around due to her excitement. Calvin finally got the courage to introduce himself, and the two instantly fell in love.

They bumped noses, and since that moment, they’ve been the best of friends. Now, Lincoln protects both baby cows at all times. The three looked like a little family.

Watch the video below:

Video Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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