Just recently, firefighters were called in to respond to an emergency situation at a residence in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. When they arrived at the address given to them, they saw a dog stuck on top of the roof but the funny thing was that the dog wasn’t actually really trapped because it climbed to the roof on purpose. As it turned out, the dog just genuinely loved heights and already had a reputation in the area for roof walking.

The false alarm was first called in by a passerby who happened to spot the dog resting on the top of the apartment building. They were worried that it was a stray dog caught in trouble and so they immediately dialed 911 to ask rescuers to come and check on the dog. Local firefighters were immediately dispatched to the area to respond and there they saw a black-and-white dog calmly standing on top of the building.

Additionally, the firefighters also spotted an open third-floor balcony door open and they thought that might have been where the dog entered. Though they weren’t entirely sure if it was the plan or not. Then everything was clarified after the firefighters spoke to a resident of the building that the dog was standing on. The resident told the authorities that it wasn’t an isolated incident and the dog lived in the building.

In short, the dog didn’t actually need any rescuing. Climbing on the roof was part of the dog’s routine as it loves to regularly sunbathe. The firefighters tried to contact the dog’s owner but they were unsuccessful. Though the dog eventually came down and went inside the apartment while the firefighters were at the scene.

It was definitely a hilarious moment for everyone, especially for the firefighters and the dog probably enjoyed the attention as well.

Source: People


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