A drug dealer in Calgary, known to the local authorities for his illegal transactions, was finally caught while selling his products. Although he tried to run away from the police, he was eventually apprehended after a series of epic failures. He thought he could outrun the cops, but one police K9 made sure that wouldn’t happen.

 The chase

The apprehension happened when the Calgary police received a report that the known drug dealer was currently doing a transaction. When the police arrived, they quickly recognized the suspect. And when the dealer saw the cops he immediately ran away.

He hopped into his truck which was parked nearby. The man drove away, driving erratically as he sped through the city. When he arrived at Marlborough Park, he stopped his vehicle and got out. The drug dealer then hopped in a motorcycle then quickly resumed fleeing.

The police cars were lagging behind a bit, but they never lost sight of the perpetrator. A patrol helicopter was trailing him from above. Despite knowing that he couldn’t shake off the authorities, the suspect refuses to give up. he was probably hoping that he could shake them off by changing vehicles.

But his luck started to run out. The motorcycle started sputtering and slowing down. The engine died as his gas tank dried out. The suspect tried to get the bike running again by pushing it, but it was all in vain.


The situation actually turned for the worse when the man got desperate and started pointing his gun towards a group of people nearby. He demanded a car from them. He even got inside one, but there were no keys inside. By that time, the cops have finally caught up.

The suspect started running away, but he was no match for the cop’s ace catcher. They released Jake, a highly-trained police dog, to chase the drug dealer. In just a few moments, the courageous dog was standing over the perpetrator.

Thanks to the dog, the armed man didn’t have the chance to hurt anyone.

Source: Calgary Police Youth Foundation/Facebook


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