A puppy found snacking on some watermelon this week had an enthusiastic response to his food when his owner asked him how it tastes.

This Corgi named Yummy is fond of eating healthy food and snacks that aren’t the usual fare for his breed.

The surprising thing is, Yummy truly seemed to enjoy this fabulous and refreshing summer fruit.

Yummy’s owner said that his puppy is a very healthy dog who loves to eat fruits and vegetables. If this pet’s owner happens to hold a carrot or strawberry in his hands, the puppy comes running.

Fit puppy

He said that Yummy loves to eat, but with such healthy choices, we wouldn’t have the heart to say no or limit this pet’s snacking.

Yummy wouldn’t ever be in a situation where he’d have to portion his watermelons or carrots. This pet’s parents make sure their furry baby has a well-balanced diet, bless them.

Although this puppy’s owner asked his pet how this healthy fruit tastes, he didn’t expect a logical answer from Yummy.

It showed when the puppy enthusiastically answered his owner’s question with a particular action, and that’s eating enthusiastically.

Healthy options

With this kind of food preference, this dog will outlive his peers by a considerable amount of years. Yummy’s owners are grateful for this puppy’s robust and healthy diet.

He added that they only give the puppy snacks and treats every once in a while, so he said it is not hard to keep Yummy on track with his diet.

The pet’s owner attributed Yummy’s desire for healthy food to his healthy lifestyle.

Always providing the puppy with a diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, this dog was able to mirror his dad’s healthy lifestyle and choices.

For this puppy, eating healthy food is a joy. Check out the video of the Corgi eating watermelon!

Credits to Yummy The Corgi via YouTube


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