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Brigada Animalista Barcelona, a non-profit organization, discovered a dog named Lupa and a puppy searching for food in the streets of Barcelona, Spain. They saved the animals, and the puppy was promptly adopted. But Lupa was not adopted yet so a foster mother, Holly, took her in.

Lupa did not appear to be comfortable when inside the house. She would follow her foster mother everywhere she went. Holly understood that Lupa desired acceptance and did not want to be abandoned again.

Holly ensured that Lupa had frequent social encounters, so they spent a lot of time outdoors and Lupa showed that she was extremely friendly. Even some of the dogs living in the village had begun to follow her, so she created a pack. Together, they enjoyed playing and running around.

Lupa had a kind disposition. She would always greet Holly at the door and this would put Holly in a good mood every time. She never really failed to let Holly know that she sorely missed her, despite their brief separation.

It required little to make her happy. She enjoyed swimming in the lake, but would have been satisfied with a puddle. When she came across a dirty puddle of water, she would roll in it for approximately ten minutes. No one could free her until she chose to leave.

Lupa is also funny. She would expend all of her energy playing during the day. When it was time for her to sleep, she assumed the most amusing pose with her mouth wide open.

Holly and her family were able to appreciate life’s little pleasures because of her positive attitude.

Holly realized she could not give up the dog after the rescue center requested images and videos of Luna to promote her adoption. Her response was to request an adoption application in order to adopt Lupa herself. Lupa already is where she belonged.

Source: The Dodo


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