In the city of Tamaulipas, Mexico, a gas station adopted a stray dog and became part of their family. Little did they know that this canine would soon become their friend and a hero in an unfortunate robbery at their place of business. Soon enough, he became a local celebrity.

This dog’s name is Randy. A group of gas station employees named him after they decided to adopt him. Randy was a stray dog who seemed like a sad and anxious pup, as expected from stray dogs. He was a frequent visitor at the gas station until they took him in and allowed him to stay.

Randy did not feel comfortable immediately. The employees had to earn the dog’s trust, especially when a dog like Randy seemed to have had bad experiences from being homeless or possibly his previous owners. Once they were able to make the pup feel more comfortable with them, he became the gas station’s official pet.

One evening, two robbers went to the gas station and cornered an employee and demanded him to show them the office where all the money was kept. He was then violently attacked by the two men after refusing to grant their demands. He was continuously punched and kicked to the ground by the robbers even after he fell to the ground.

Randy, who was sleeping at the warehouse nearby, was awakened by the commotion and immediately rushed to the scene. Seeing the danger that the gas station employee was in, he started growling and barking aggressively at the two robbers, and that was enough to scare them off.

All of these were captured and recorded from the security camera at the gas station. The once shy and timid dog finally came out of his shell and showed his bravery and loyalty to the people who gave him his new home. This was more than enough for the pup to cement his place as part of that family — a great way to show his gratitude to the people that rescued him.

Posted by Gerardo Aguilar on Monday, January 7, 2019

Credits: Gerardo Aguilar


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