The canine community has plenty of traits to be commended for. They’re loyal, loving, and authentic to the bone. An example is this German Shepherd named Sadie.

She’s a service dog, and because of her training, her responses to situations are controlled. It takes a lot for dogs not to respond to stimuli, so Sadie’s training definitely came in handy.

Today, the GSD was at the groomers. Sadie loves being pampered and taken care of, and it didn’t hurt that the lady who took care of her was nice too. That definitely is a plus, girl!

It’s amazing to be taken care of by someone who has a loving touch. That’s why Sadie gave this lady some kisses to show her thanks. A service dog being pampered for a day is just fitting.

Sadie liked the water just fine, but when the shower took too long, the GSD shook it off. Her lady groomer quickly jumped away, staying clear of the spray coming from the pet’s coat.

The groomer then completed hosing the doggo down and then proceeded to shampoo and de-shed Sadie. German Shepherds are shedders, and it’s important to trim their coats to the ideal length.

When the lady groomer began deshedding, Sadie’s loose undercoat came flying all over the place. The pet must have been a bit startled, but she stayed put and let the groomer do her thing.

Those bits of flying debris are all from you, doggo. You’re fortunate that your humans make sure you’re well-taken care of because those things could make you so uncomfortable.

After the whole grooming session, Sadie looked and most probably felt like a brand-new dog. We bet you did, doggo, and that’s the way it should be.

Never mind the flying fur, it’s your sign that you’re getting cleaned properly. Here’s to many more pleasant grooming sessions to come.

Credits to DogLove 24 via YouTube


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