Sometimes humans and dogs can both be silly. The only difference is, a dog’s silliness can be on another level that humans could only hope to achieve.

Take this internet famous Golden Retriever named Tucker. He’s a handsome boy, he’s got a ton of silly tricks up his sleeve, and his human-like reactions are what made him globally known.

This dog’s mom, Linda, is notable for her accurate captions. She’s so good at it that we sometimes forget this pet could not actually talk. This day found Linda and Tucker playing on the lawn.

The weather was great for playing that day, with a cool breeze blowing around them. Tucker went ahead to investigate a tree and when he did, mom Linda acted like she was going to get him.

Instead of running away, Tucker made a hilarious face and gleefully jumped at his mom. It’s a dog’s typical reaction, and it’s something we all welcome.

At regular speed, Tucker already looked hilarious, but the real riot happened when everything was slowed down. The pulled-back ears, the crazy look in his eyes, and the cheeky grin all contributed to this doggo’s response to his mom.

Tucker just proved that if you come for a dog, you had better be prepared for everything. Otherwise, you’d get taken aback just like how Linda was. She shrieked as her pet lunged at her all wonky-eyed and silly.

We bet that Tucker was internally chuckling at his mom’s reaction. Didn’t see that coming, didn’t you, mom? We have to admit that we could watch this slo-mo loop over and over again.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a human and a dog having fun with each other. We hope you guys get to have many more epic adventures in the future!

Credits to Tucker Budzyn Shorts via YouTube


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