Local rescuer Eldad Hagar found himself in a familiar location as he responded to a call about a dog in need of help down in the LA River. Concerned passers-by mentioned seeing a Husky limping through the brush on the side of the waterway. Based on previous rescues he completed by the river, Eldad knew that it was best to act quickly to secure the animal.

The rescuer immediately spotted the Husky’s light-colored fur standing out of the greenery by the river. He also saw a few people trying to reach the dog. Eldad then decided to cut the animal off and carefully went down the riverside from the road.

Eldad met the dog head-on and kept it from running further away. He immediately noticed that the animal injured one of its front paws. The rescuer tried to approach the Husky and catch it using a gentle snare, but the dog instead turned back to the direction where it came from.

Luckily, the people following the Husky already caught up and also blocked it from the other direction. The dog tried to circle around its rescuers, but eventually, Eldad and the others surrounded it. With the others distracting the animal, Eldad successfully approached it from behind and looped it in with a gentle snare.

With the dog secured, Eldad met with his fellow rescuers. As it turned out, the dog’s owner was among them. She told Eldad that the dog ran away three days ago after getting scared by fireworks and that they continuously looked for it ever since.

Khrystal, the male Husky’s owner, told Eldad that its name is Sawyer. One of Khrystal’s companions helped carry Sawyer since his injury made walking hard. Once they’re back on the road, Eldad found out that the pad on Sawyer’s left front paw peeled off.

Eldad offered to have the doctors at the CARES medical facility take a look at Sawyer’s injury. Khrystal agreed, and everyone drove to the clinic. Luckily, the doctors saw no other injuries aside from Sawyer’s paw, which after treatment, will fully heal in a few weeks.

After getting reunited with his owner, Sawyer went back to the CARES facility after a week for a follow-up as well as to get neutered. In no time, the dog was back to full health. Putting the experience behind him, Sawyer resumed his happy life with fur mom Khrystal and their family.

Credits: Hope For Paws


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