Whenever someone doles out delectable food to a dog, it’ll only take a few seconds for the pooch to munch on it. It’s as if our canine pals can’t resist eating the meal, especially if it’s their favorite.

However, one disciplined pooch stands out from its canine peers as it holds onto a sandwich before consuming it. Perhaps, this dog took some mind-training exercises to gain control over its cravings.

Hold on to the sandwich, bud.

In this incredible footage, two dogs stand in front of the camera their fur parent’s holding. One of the dogs a brown-furred pooch, while the other dog’s a black-furred one.

However, the brown-furred pooch’s the star of this video as the camera focuses on it. By the looks of it, something caught the dog’s attention as its eyes never falter from it.

After a few seconds, Mom soon asks the dog to hold something for her. Mom then hands over a delectable sandwich slice, which the dog immediately sniffed. Unlike most dogs that quickly eat it, the dog readily follows Mom’s request.

Wow! You’re amazing!

As soon as the pooch opened its mouth, Mom carefully placed the sandwich slice. After a few adjustments, the dog held the sandwich in its mouth with a secure grip.

Though it’s clear how the dog badly wants to eat the sandwich, the pooch chooses to wait for Mom’s signal. And, it seems the dog’s sibling also can’t wait for Mom to provide the signal as it steadily gazes towards her direction.

For what seemed an eternity, the brown-furred dog held onto the sandwich slice with bated breath. However, the dog doesn’t need to wait longer as Mom finally signals to eat the sandwich. Do you think the pooch readily obeyed? Click on the linked video to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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