Hope for Paws, a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization devoted to dog rescues, received a call one day from a man who works in a junkyard. According to him, a blind senior Pit Bull wandered into their junkyard, and it desperately needed help. The man also said that they should get him right away before the property owner finds the dog there.

The kind man gave the blind dog some food and water and tied him under a shed. He was afraid that if the owner finds the dog, he would call animal control. A special-needs senior dog doesn’t last long in that kind of shelter. Usually, they are put on the list of dogs to be euthanized because they rarely get adopted.

To the rescue

Learning all that, two rescuers from Hope for Paws immediately set out to save the dog. When they arrived at the junkyard, the concerned employee took them to where the blind pittie was. Both of the ladies were shocked to see the condition that the dog was in.

They could see that the dog suffered many years of neglect and probably abuse. It broke their hearts that a dog had to suffer those conditions. This prompted them to help the dog even faster.

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The gentle pooch allowed them to come near and put a leash on his neck. As the dog seemed weak, they had to carry him from under the shed, then to their car. As the dog clearly needs medical help, their first destination was a clinic.

There the dog was given an examination and a series of tests. The results were staggering. Not only did the dog have corneal ulcers, which resulted to complete blindness, but he also suffered from a skin infection, two mass tumors, periodontal disease, and dehydration. They planned his treatment and then sent him to a foster home.

After a thorough bath, the dog, now named Duncan, looked like a very different dog. He seemed happier too. He quickly got comfortable in his new surroundings and even made a new friend.

Duncan still has a lot of healing ahead of him, but thankfully, he is now in the company of a family that loves him.

Source: Hope for Paws via Youtube


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