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Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn is more than just an athlete. She is also a fur mom to three equally adorable dogs, namely Leo, Bear, and Lucy. Recently, Lindsey announced her engagement with hockey star P.K. Subban, and their wedding day is just around the corner.

Since Lindsey treats her dogs as family, the Olympic gold medalist wants to ensure that her three dogs have roles during her wedding. In an interview, Lindsey said that she considers giving roles to the three dogs during the wedding. For Lindsey, the dogs are an extension of herself, so it is prudent to join the ceremony.

According to Lindsey, the dogs could do menial roles like bringing the ring to the couple during the part where they will make their vows. The dogs could also be part of the entourage as flower dogs or entertain the guests on the big day.

Lindsey admitted that she had not finalized the roles yet for the three dogs, but she is sure that all three of them will have a role. Among the three dogs, Lucy is the most cooperative and well-behaved, so Lindsey thinks about giving the dog the most challenging task. It would require the dog to exert effort, but Lindsey is confident that Lucy will deliver.

The Olympic gold medalist puts her trust in Lucy because she has already proven what the dog can do. This is because the athlete fur mom already traveled with the dog around the world. This includes her stint with the reality competition series known as The Pack. It was Lucy who became Lindsey’s dog partner during the event.

Although Lindsey and Lucy did not win in the contest, the Olympic gold medalist is happy because her dog enjoyed the experience. Apart from this, Lucy met other dog friends in the competition.

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