We all have hidden skills and passions that we are good at. Most of the time, we only use these skills during our spare time or alone. Wouldn’t it be better to share our skills and help out the community in our little way?

Well, one Chicago man decided that he will do his part in making their neighborhood a little better by putting his skills to good use. Wayne Johnson is not only good at cooking, but he is also a skilled woodworker. When he is not cooking or traveling, you’ll find him in his workshop, doing what he does bestcreating things from wood.

Johnson is known in his neighborhood for having built a mini-library in the pedestrian mall in Chicago. The library is basically a bunch of wooden mini houses that hold books for humans to enjoy. Not wanting our four-legged friends to feel left out, Johnson decided to give them a little treat as well.

Enter Johnson’s “Dog Library.” Using his woodworking skills, Johnson built a tiny wooden house that holds doggy “books.” While not really books, the sticks serve to keep man’s best friend entertained just as books are to humans.

The dog library is a wooden box with a wooden bone design. It comes complete with a couple of paw prints to make the dogs feel at home. Johnson keeps sticks of all shapes and sizes in the box for the dogs to play fetch with. It even comes with the sign, “Fetch One. Leave One.”

We’re pretty sure the dogs in the neighborhood are happy for Johnson’s gift to them, and we hope that many will follow Johnson in his efforts to make life better for both humans and pets.

Watch how Wayne Johnson built the mini dog library in the short video below.

Source WayneBites by Wayne Johnson via Youtube


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