Dogs never fail to brighten up the day, especially with their sweet gestures and irresistible cuteness. In New York City, people are getting a lighter mood on their way to work or running errands because there’s always an attraction to keep them smiling throughout the day. This attraction is Louboutina, a 5-year old golden retriever who offers free doggy hugs for everyone in NYC.

Louboutina or Loubie (as she is fondly called) got her name from the world-famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin. While wearing her bright-red leash, Loubie would stand upright on the NYC streets to embrace people who walk by to meet her every day.

The sweet golden retriever is owned by Cesar, a Spanish translator who works for a local hospital. Together, they live in Chelsea, New York City.

According to Cesar, Loubie started holding his hand at the age of 3. As time progresses, he started hugging his human dad. That’s when she started hugging everyone who approaches her. Whatever the age, Loubie has officially become New York’s cuddle magnet.

Some of her favorite locations are the corner of 5th and 17th street. According to Cesar, these are what he calls Loubie’s stage. Most of the time, Cesar takes his furry buddy to these places to let the passersby come to her.

Whatever hurdles New York people face, Loubie is there to help them throw it out the window through affectionate hugging. If you get to pass by the NYC streets, Loubie would be there for you to offer a hug.

Loubie is a reminder to us that no matter how crazy the world is right now, we should stop by and share positive vibes to everyone. As for Loubie, she’ll continue to become a canine superhero around the streets of Manhattan, delivering a little love in a little package.

Source: Louboutina via Instagram


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