After spending a tiring day at work, most people think the best way to relax is through a nap. The soft mattress, along with the calm environment, allows us to sleep soundly and refill our energy tanks.

However, it seems a particular dog thinks of a better way for him to relax. For a particularly mischievous dog, sitting on top of his napping friend’s the best way to take a break.

Ahh, this life’s relaxing!

In this video, one can initially see a huge, wrinkly dog named Toad sitting on a carpeted floor. By the looks of it, Toad’s pretty much tuckered out from the recent activity it did as it chose to relax on the soft floor.

However, as you look closely on where Toad sat, you’ll eventually see that the pooch’s sitting on top of his sleeping best friend’s face. And, it seems the napping pooch doesn’t mind that its friend sat on its face as it continues wandering into dreamland.

As for Toad, he doesn’t seem to care that he’s squishing his sleeping friend’s face. Toad continues sitting like a king, oblivious to the remarks that Dad made on his friend’s behalf.

Toad, what’re you doing?

Due to the odd scenario that he encountered, Dad can’t help but comment on the pooch’s action. While Dad’s asking the mischievous pooch for a reason behind his actions, Dad proceeds to check on the sleeping pooch.

But, despite his persistence at asking the pooch for his actions, Toad still didn’t bat an eyelid. The pooch continued sitting like a king, staring into the television that played Toad’s favorite show.

Do you think Dad persuaded the pooch to refrain from sitting on his canine friend’s face? If you want to know the next scene, click on the video link below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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