Spending time with our family and friends’ one of the best ways to strengthen our bond with them. The shared memories generated from such an experience provides us stories that’ll keep us talking for quite some time.

But, it looks like an adorable toddler has come up with another way to bond with her canine sibling. Though the routine’s quite unusual, the obedient canine’s willing to do everything to make the girl happy.

You’ll look good in this shade!

In this unique video, an adorable little girl spends some quality time with her canine sibling. However, it seems the little girl’s busy tinkering with something curious in her hands while the dog’s looking over her.

Nothing extraordinary happened for a few seconds until the little girl finished exploring with the curious object in her hands. As the video progresses, you’ll notice that the object the lass’ holding is a compact blush-on powder.

Before anyone could decipher what the girl’s planning, the lass reaches out to the dog with a brush in hand. Soon after, the adorable girl starts applying the make-up powder on the pooch’s right cheek.

It looks beautiful on me, right?

While the girl continues applying the powder on the dog’s cheek, the latter chooses to look away. It’s as if the pooch’s telling the lass that she put enough make-up on that side, and that she should apply some on the other.

And, it’s as if the little girl understood what her doggy friend meant as she steps back a bit to take a look at the pooch’s face. Seeing the problem, the girl then dips the brush into the compact powder before reaching out to the dog’s left cheek.

How do you think the cute dog looked after her sister dolled her up for the day? You’ll only know if you manage to watch the video until the last second.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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