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A video of a dog that was reunited with her owner has gone viral, and it had around 11 million views. The reunion was definitely touching since the dog had spent two years in a shelter after it went missing. Her reaction to finding out that her fur family was still looking for her was quite heartwarming.

When she escaped their yard, Pakita the dog was already an adult. Sadly, she was unable to find her way back home. And despite their best attempts, her family was unable to find her.

Pakita was found wandering the streets of a town in Argentina by a concerned person, who then brought her to a shelter. There, the staff provided her with a safe place to stay as well as food and water. Despite the love and attention she received, the dog was reclusive and depressed. She tended to keep to herself.

Several years have passed, yet nobody has adopted Pakita. She was consistently overlooked in favor of the younger and more active puppies. They attempted to publish a post about her on social media, but were unable to obtain a decent image of her. She would constantly crouch and conceal her face.

Once, they were able to obtain a clear photo, which they then put on their Facebook page. Then, everything changed drastically.

Almost immediately, a woman messaged them to alert them that Pakita belonged to her son. They have long been looking for her. The owner, Ariel Naveira, never gave up hope of reuniting with his beloved pet. Now that he knew where she was, he wasted no time going there to get her.

It has surely been so long since they last saw each other that the dog did not immediately recognize her father. She was too terrified to approach the man in front of her, so she remained hidden behind the shelter personnel. However, once she caught his scent, the dog went insane.

With her heart filled with happiness, she began bouncing up and down and attempted to lick her owner’s face. Ariel was also overjoyed. It was without question that this was his Pakita.

The reunion was extremely emotional, and their joy was priceless.

Source: The Dodo


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