In this modern world, it’s not unusual for people to become preoccupied with juggling work with their family life. Though some people are good at maintaining a work-life balance, there are some that struggle to balance things out.

With this, a clingy dog asks for some cuddle time from its fur mom. But, as Mom’s busy tinkering with her laptop, she can’t immediately indulge in the pooch’s request. However, the dog cannot wait for Mom to finish her task as it comes up with an idea to stop Mom from continuing.

Mom, can you play with me?

In the short video, an adorable brown-furred pooch sits on their wooden floor. Not far away from the dog, its fur mom works with something on her laptop.

As Mom’s busy tinkering with her laptop, the dog can’t help but look longingly at her. Though the dog’s wagging its tail, the pooch’s sad based on the lonely look it wore on its face.

This scenario continued for a few moments until the dog couldn’t hold in its loneliness any longer. Seeing that Mom’s not budging from her work, the pooch thought of an idea to ultimately gain its Mom’s attention.

Look at me, Mom.

When Mom still didn’t spare a glance at the dog’s way, the sad pooch came up with a more obvious method of catching Mom’s attention. Soon after, the dog starts whining at Mom, begging the latter to play with her.

But, when the dog saw that Mom still didn’t budge from her work, the pooch starts placing a paw on Mom’s lap while whining. This move ultimately caught Mom’s attention, but it wasn’t enough to pry her off from her work.

As such, the clingy pooch climbed on top of Mom’s laptop and placed a paw on the screen. Do you think this ingenious move made Mom stop working? Click on the video linked below for you to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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