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With the lockdown, plenty of people had to stay inside their homes. They couldn’t go out to do what they usually do. It is great though that there are plenty of good people around who are willing to help those who need it.

Because of social distancing required to help curb the spread of the virus, helping other people became a bit more challenging. It was a good thing that one person found a way to help a neighbor creatively – by using a dog!

Karen Eveleth owns Sunny, a golden retriever, and they live in Manitou Springs. One of their neighbors is Renee Hellman. Renee has been in quarantine because she had health issues, which makes her a bit more vulnerable to contracting the virus.

Karen wanted to help Renee, but with social distancing in place, it could be difficult to do. That is why she had thought of using Sunny to do just that. She would let Sunny go to Renee’s to get her grocery list. Then, Karen would go grocery shopping and then have Sunny deliver the groceries to Renee.

This was Sunny’s task during the whole quarantine period. She was very happy to do it, and Renee was pretty happy and delighted to see Sunny and get her groceries from this beautiful and adorable dog.

Renee said that she was really thankful for Karen’s quick thinking and for Sunny’s visits. She loved seeing Sunny walk up to her house, bringing with her the groceries.

Sunny perhaps knows that Renee needs a bit of cheering up every now and then and so she would go to Renee’s house and gives her a quick visit, and perhaps also to see how Renee is doing. Renee said that she truly appreciates this as she is living alone.

Source: CBS News


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