A one-year-old Great Pyrenees named Annie is the newest member of the Sagamore Hills Police Department. But this one-year-old rescue dog is not one to sniff out bombs and criminals. Instead, she is available for a lot of pets, hugs, and cuddles. Yes, Annie is a full-fledged therapy dog and everyone in the community definitely loves her.

The idea of having a therapy dog among the police ranks was pitched in by Lieutenant Dan Rice. According to Lt. Rice, he was inspired by the Franklin County sheriff’s department and so, he went on to look for a large shelter or rescue dog to join them as well. But he then hit a bit of a snag when COVID-19 hit and the animal rescue facilities were basically out of large dogs.

And then thanks to a recommendation, he reached out to Jessiffany Canine Services located in Wisconsin where he found Annie. Annie already underwent six weeks of training in basic obedience and long leash training but she will go on advanced training with Lt. Rice for two weeks.

In the course of the two weeks, Lt. Rice and Annie went through different obstacle courses and practiced going to malls as well as visiting senior centers. And at the end of every day, Annie would sleep in the same hotel room as Lt. Rice which he considered a treat for him. After they completed the intense training, they finally went back home.

Annie’s shift would start every day at 5:30 in the morning and she has a dog kennel in Lt. Rice’s office. But when they are needed outside, Annie has a dedicated dog bed in dispatch. And every weekend, Annie would still continue on her training with Lt. Rice.

Having Annie with the police department definitely got positive feedback from the community and whenever Annie was around, she would get adorably mobbed by kids. Nevertheless, she never bats an eye and just enjoys every bit of her job. Not only did Annie find a job she could be proud of but a family to call her own as well.

Source: MSN


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