An animal cruelty investigator named Jai Hamilton works at the Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control shelter (LFACC) in Kentucky.

One day, the animal shelter received a phone call about a dog running loose in the area of Whitney Avenue, Kentucky. Hamilton immediately responded to the phone call and drove her way to the dog’s location. While driving, she spotted the canine living in an unusual place. The doggo turned out to be a red Pit Bull Mix that came out of a knocked-over black trash bin.

After a few minutes of offering more snacks and gentle touches on the head, she was able to bring it with her back to the LFACC.

At the shelter, staff members got the pup checked by a vet, and they found out it was two years old, underweight, and had a few scars. Nonetheless, they were eager to foster the sweet canine and give it the care it needed.

During its stay at the LFACC, they noticed that the Pit Bull Mix still had the behavior of climbing inside trash bins. They even named it Oscar, based on a Muppet character who lives in the garbage. But they clarified that Oscar was no grouch but a sweetheart.

Staff members saw how much Oscar had a fond for trash and decided to take him on a fun trip to a sanitation department where a sanitation worker named Larry could help him with his behavior. When Oscar’s love for trash fades, they’ll transfer him to their partnered shelter called Lexington Humane Society (LHS), and there they will put him up for adoption.

Oscar safely arrived at LHS, and the shelter promises that he will never again live in a garbage bin and knows that someone will adopt him and show him he is a treasure worth keeping.

Source: Facebook


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