There are some things that we believe could never be done to us. In the human-dog relationship, both parties expect never to be betrayed, intentionally hurt, or harmed in any way.

We are certain that’s what this male Pitbull thought. He knew that with his mom, he was safe, he was protected, and he would never have to worry about anything.

That’s why his disbelief when his mom fake-ate at his paw was hilarious. His incredulous overall expression said it all. How dare she break his heart and how could she even think of eating him? They had enough food to last a lifetime so why his poor paw?

We could understand why this pittie was so surprised by his mom’s behavior. After all, she had been a loving, caring, and doting parent up until this point. This pitbull’s wide eyes and the general disbelief on his face spoke of how betrayed he felt.

His questioning gaze followed his mom’s every crunch. What’s hilarious was, this dog must have felt the urge to crunch too because he licked his lips. The accompanying sound and his mom’s continuous munching must have done something to the dog.

We hope this pittie realized that everything was just a prank and that his mom would never do such a thing to him. This poor doggo looked like he was going to have a heart attack because of the situation.

We admit it was hilarious, but we also felt a little for this poor pittie. You’re ok pet. The fact that you did not feel anything should give you enough assurance that this was all a joke.

Don’t really worry, you have plenty of time to get mom for what she did. When you do, we hope it gets captured on video once again for us to see how your fur parent reacts. Cheers!

Credits to ViralSnare Rights Management via YouTube


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