A Pitbull named Bails is anxious. She sees her owner, Richard, with a couple of suitcases. For Bails, suitcases are no good, because they mean Richard is going away without her. Unbeknownst to Bails, no one is leaving her this time, because today, she is going to fly with Richard to Boston!

First things first, before going on a flight, Richard takes his baby to the ladies room (meaning, the bushes) for a short poop session. We don’t want her going potty 35,000 feet in the air, do we? Next, they take an Uber to San Diego International Airport, where, upon checking in, Bails takes her first ride on an escalator (she wasn’t happy).

Richard gives some pills to Bails to calm her down before the flight. If Bails freaks out, Richard freaks out, too. So Bails needs to take the pills. Before they know it, they are walking down the aisle looking for their seat; then the plane is on the tarmac. Richard pets Bails during takeoff. Once they are in the air, Richard gives her a quick kiss for being so brave!

Bails takes the window seat. She peers out and sees clouds and mountaintops. It was an empty flight, so the pair were able to get the row to themselves. They both get on-board meals and Bails munches on some crunchy apples. Good girl! Pretty soon, it’s time to land. The pills have worn off by now, and Bails is very nervous. She stays on the floor while Richard pets her and whispers soothing words.

Bails was so relieved when they landed that she was so eager to get off the plane. On the way to the baggage carousel, she meets her old nemesis — the escalator!

Richard’s family met them at the airport, and everyone is happy to see Bails. Bails is glad to meet everyone, too! Most importantly, she is glad to be on solid ground.

Watch Bails’ flight experience below:

Source: PapaKleb via YouTube


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