When a dog becomes a member of our family, we do everything in our power to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable at home. We give them the same attention as the rest of our family members. And should they become ill, we take them to the doctor and we help monitor their health.

However, the time will come when our pets are no longer the most active and lively members of the household. They will reach an age where they will require our assistance more.

Terri, the owner of a dog named Buddy, is aware of this, and she has discovered a way to ensure that her elderly dog continues to enjoy life.

Due to his advanced age, Buddy can no longer see or hear properly. This makes it difficult for the dog to move around. He can no longer take walks with Terri or play like he once did. But Terri will not allow Buddy’s final years to be filled with misery.

She created a strategy so the elderly dog can move about, go for walks, and enjoy the fresh air outdoors. Terri gave Buddy a small automobile, which he uses when he goes out of the house. Buddy is now able to enjoy the outdoors again and he does this nowadays in style.

A police officer named Lynda Giblett found Buddy driving in style one day. She and her partner were on patrol in the area of Heidelberg West, Victoria, Australia when they noticed Buddy. They realized that he needed to be stopped because Giblett observed that the dog was caught driving under the influence of cuteness.

Giblett remarked that they couldn’t believe what they saw: a cute dog taking a joyride in a small car although it was obvious that he was not driving the vehicle himself since Terri was close behind and remotely controlling the miniature vehicle. Buddy was not driving without a license, as it turned out.

The sight of Buddy behind the wheel surely made the cops’ day.

Source: Victoria Police


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